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Town Government

South Fork, CO Town Hall
100 Silver Thread Lane
P.O. Box 369
South Fork, CO 81154
(719) 873-0152 Fax (719) 873-5039

The Town of South Fork was incorporated on May 19, 1992. Our municipality is ruled by a Statutory form of Government. Statutory municipalities have only those powers granted to us by state legislation. The Town of South Fork is unique from many area towns in the fact that we are only funded through sales tax collections Rio Grande County still maintains and hold all property taxes collected in our area.

Mission Statement:
To be responsive to our citizens, balancing the needs of all sectors of the community;
To provide effective local control of growth and development, through leadership and planning;
To provide quality services in the most cost effective manner.

Town Board of Trustees:
The Town of South Fork is governed by a board consisting of seven members, which includes a Mayor and 6 Trustees. The local voting citizens of South Fork elect these seven positions of the governing body. These positions although they are elected are volunteer positions and the Town Board members are not financially compensated for their time.

Board of Trustees 2009
(Meetings Held 2nd Thursday of Each Month)

Mayor  Larry Heersink
Trustee   Kenny Brooke   
Trustee   Marty Danko  
Trustee   Grover Hathorn
Trustee   Lowell Hicks
Trustee   Mike Lisac 
Trustee   Beau Meyer

Working Boards'&Committees that act in an advisory capacity to the Town Board:
Planning&Zoning Commission is set up as a research and advisory committee to the Town Board. They are required by the Colorado Revised Statues as an official board consisting of five members appointed by the Town Board, to review and make recommendations, with any and all land use concerns.
Land Development Steering Committee, is made up of local citizens to aid in the creation of a plan orchestrating the future development of properties near South Fork, within a 3 mile radius. All locals who are interested in the planning and future growth of South Fork and the surrounding area are welcome to take an active role in this committee. All new ideas and expertise are welcome.

Town Employees:
Town Employees include: Town Clerk/Treasurer, Administrative Assistant, Police Chief&Officers, Marketing/Visitor Center Director&Assistant, Community Development Director, Building Inspector, Municipal Judge, Recreation Director, and Maintenance Personnel.
Contractual services for road maintenance, and legal counsel are utilized at this time.

Municipal Court - The Town of South Fork hold Municipal Court on the third Thursday of every month at 5:00 PM. Municipal Court is conducted at the Town Hall, 100 Silver Thread Lane. If anyone has any questions regarding court, please contact the Court Clerk at 1-719-873-0152

Registering Your Business/Trade Name:

State of Colorado -Department of Revenue Secretary of State, (303) 894-2200
Rio Grande County (optional) Rio Grande County's Clerk (719) 657-3334

Sales Tax collections must be remitted by the business owner directly to the Department of Revenue. If you are applying for a new sales tax number, you can obtain forms through the Town Clerk's office or the Department of Revenue.

Rio Grande County Lodging Tax is a separate tax collected in addition to Sales Tax, by the State, and specifically the County, it is commonly known as a bed tax. Lodges, motels and any business that provides overnight accommodations are required to collect taxes and remit them to the State of Colorado. The funds collected goes towards advertising, brochures and other methods in an effort to attract visitors to our area. The Lodging Tax Rate is 1.9%
Property Tax-Real and/or Personal The Town of South Fork does not collect property Tax. All property taxes are billed and collected through Rio Grande County. For more information please contact: Rio Grande County Assessor, (719) 657-3326
Rio Grande County Treasurer (719) 657-2747

Retail Business License: (local)
After obtaining a sales tax number from the State of Colorado, you must apply for a yearly renewable operating license with the town of South Fork. The license has a yearly fee of $10.50. For more information contact the town Clerk at (719) 873-0152

  • South Fork Retail Sales License - $10.50 South Fork Town Clerk 719-873-0152
  • Colorado Retail Sales License (renew annually)State, County and Town sales are collected by the State. Applications are available from the State or the Town Hall.
  • Colorado Department of Revenue 1-303-866-4359
  • Retail Liquor Licenses (renew annually) Applications are processed by the Town Clerk 719-873-0152. Licenses are approved by the Town Board and the State of Colorado.

  • Raffle/Bingo License Colorado Secretary of State 1-303-894-2200