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2011 is the year to Build

Low Interest Rates+Low Land Prices+Low Labor Costs+Low Material Costs=Time to Build in South Fork, CO

As 2011 rolls in I want to point out this will be the best year to build in over a decade.  Whether you are an existing lot owner or looking to purchase a piece of vacant ground you may never find a better year to build that retirement/vacation home than 2011. 


1. Banks are offering low interest rates and all of my recent discussions with bankers see these low rates entering the start of 2011.  I have also come across a number of my clients willing to sell their property with owner financing.  Thus, one can buy lots at great values and low interest rates.

2.  Our supply of vacant land is growing by the day and demand remains fairly low at this time.  When you have a supply and demand ratio on your side as a buyer you can expect to get a solid buy on a piece of property in 2011.  If you visit with another agent in South Fork that doesn't think this is a "Buyer's Market", thank them for their time and run out the door as quickly as possible.

3.Labor costs are down because we are lacking the overall number of construction projects that we have had in the past and the construction trades are working hard to get jobs.

4.  With lagging construction nationwide we are seeing material prices remain low, and this trend is expected to remain throughout the spring of 2011.  I currently have a construction project going, and I can assure you prices for materials are lower than we have seen in many years.

In conclusion, I would suggest anyone looking to build to start around the later part of March or April.  This means you need to select a contractor during January or February and discuss the prospect of building in 2011.  I am currently offering outstanding values on construction for small cabins/homes starting early spring.  Call me to discuss building on your lot or buying a lot and building.  .

Final Note:If you don't build in 2011 and you are thinking about building, you may just spend the next 2 decades wishing you would have built that cabin/home.  This is only year that you will have all of the items identified above in your favor.  Interest rates, land prices, labor, and materials will all rise again.

Please call (719) 873-5257 to get more information about current construction pricing.

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