South Fork, CO

South Fork, Colorado

South Fork is rapidly becoming one of America's favorite locations for "Baby Boomers" looking to invest in beautiful property where they can enjoy the lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

The Town of South Fork, Colorado is located at the junction of the famous Rio Grande River and its south fork. Where highway 160&149 meet in the center of town, you will find the beginning of the historic Silver Thread National Scenic Byway, a spectacular route that follows the winding Rio Grande to its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains. Initially developed as a community to service lumbering and mining, the town is now the center of a rapidly growing tourist and recreation area, making us your perfect "BASE CAMP" for a multitude of outdoor recreation and day trips to area points of interest.

Surrounded by nearly 2 million acres of national forest, including both the San Juan&Rio Grande Forests. This bustling community also offers unique shops, galleries, outdoor equipment supplies and outfitters. Come let our breathtaking scenery and family oriented adventure captivate you.
A visitor is only limited by their imagination and the
length of their stay in enjoying South Fork!

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South Fork, CO Churches

Chapel of the South Fork

Emmanuel Chapel&Christian Academy

First Baptist Church

Holy Family Mission

New Hope Community Church

South Fork Church of Christ

St. Francis Episcopal Church