Building an Energy Efficient Home

Key Components for Building an Energy Efficient Home

This will be a continued evolving article where I am encouraging you to also add your comments of ways to build an energy efficient home in South Fork, CO.  As energy prices will continue to rise we must build homes that are responsible when it comes to energy conservation.

Please note the points below are just a few of the many ideas you can incorporate during the building process for your home.

-Build a home on a South Facing Slope (Buy a lot with good Southern Exposure-Call Beau Meyer for lots that meet this criteria)

-Large Southern facing windows will allow for passive solar during the coldest winter months

-Use Solar Panels mounted on the roof for generating electricity

-Use plenty of insulation,  The State of Colorado now requires all New Homes Built in Rio Grande County meet the Energy Code Standards

-Blown-in foam insulation seals a home better than conventional batt insulation

-All windows in your homes should have tight seals and be double-pained.  If you have an older cabin this is an investment worth making

-Crawl spaces should have foam board glued to the top 2 feet of the stem wall if possible

-New ETS (Thermal Storage Units) allow owners to buy electrictiy on the off peak hours at 1/3 of the cost of peak prices- Call the San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative at 719-852-3538   for more information.

-Buy energy star rated appliances