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Ready to Buy?

Ready to buy?

Here are a few quick tips that I recommend to help you in your buying process to ensure it is smooth and you get the best deal.  After all everyone that is buying wants a hassle free experience and a great buy. 

1. You have found an agent that has experience and a solid knowledge for the specific market you are buying in?

2011 is the year to Build

Low Interest Rates+Low Land Prices+Low Labor Costs+Low Material Costs=Time to Build in South Fork, CO

As 2011 rolls in I want to point out this will be the best year to build in over a decade.  Whether you are an existing lot owner or looking to purchase a piece of vacant ground you may never find a better year to build that retirement/vacation home than 2011. 


Buy a Ski Cabin in South Fork, CO or Pagosa Springs?

Why buy a ski cabin in South Fork, CO vs. Pagosa Springs, CO?

I am asked on a regular basis by customers to explain the differences between South Fork and Pagosa.  Every year I have customers compare the two communities and many of these clients end up buying in Pagosa.  I wanted to write some points to ponder that many people fail to consider when making a ski cabin purchase.

Foreclosure Savy?

Foreclosure Savy?

The time has come for me to provide some perspective on foreclosures.   Everyone seems to be calling my office these days looking for the new foreclosures, hence here are some points to ponder when looking at your real estate investment portfolio.

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